13 Monsters

I scream out my anger again
Spit everything that I hate
In your eyes I can see
What are you hiding what are you trying to say

Stop, it makes me fucking sick
I’m out, you’re lying, mocking me
I’m pissed and fuck your theory
This is retarded I’m not the only one

When the light appears and shins for me
I’ll change, another face shows up
Do you see? The world is changing
I am the monster
You just came out from me

Revenge, attack you, you better run
It’s late the monsters are on the way,
The gate is open for you
But nobody knows now, where does the gate lead me

The darkness surrounds me
Takes my everything away
And I feel nothing

In order to see the light
Sometimes I have to risk the dark
I know but I can’t do it now

Take my everything away
I’ll take it back
No matter how hard you try
I feel desperate tonight
I’ll stand again yeah I’ll fly to the sky
13 monsters are mine

life, work, money, hope, envy, gossip, mock, untrue, surface, lie, cry, and and these are created by you


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