Picture perfect

They said pictures speak a thousand words. I say it’s more than that.
In my life there’s so many things I couldn’t explained, that’s why I choose photography to express myself. I’m more a storyteller than a writer, so for what I believe to be interesting I expressed it by photography.


End of life

I consider photography as the means to talk to someone about what I saw. I let them express their own opinion from the photos that I took.
If they shared the same feeling about the picture as I do, I called it ‘Picture Perfect’


Singapore from 70th floor

If they have a different kind of opinion… It’s their freedom. I never restrict or tell anyone to have the same view as I do toward my pictures.


Mesakke Bangsaku Bandung

As simple as it is, I’m not a professional photographer but I want to share what I saw with the rest of the world.


Highway Sunset

Through the eye of a lens is the way I can transfer what I saw with my eyes and to keep those memories eternal.


When it rain

I often choose panorama or things-around-me photos rather than humans cause I still can’t get the moment from human photos. It’s hard but not impossible. Someday I will be able to do it, that’s what I believe.

A picture is as perfect as the photographer feeling when he took the picture. And I believe pictures speaks more than you can say.


Si Cemong

Good night.


Marina Bay









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