Ikhlaskan Cinta

“ada apa sih dengan kita?” itu pertanyaan yang pertama kali gw tanyakan ke dia.

“menurut kamu gimana?” answer a question with question…typical. Jari gw menari di atas meja mencoba berpikir sambil melihat dia yang tampak salting setiap saat gw menatap matanya.

Gw menghela napas dan berkata, “kita ada apa-apanya.” sambil tetap mempertahankan ekspresi datar, tapi gw tau mata ini tidak bisa bohong. Gw menatap dia penuh perasaan.

Dia tersenyum, “aku juga berpikir demikian.” tangannya saling mengatup, kepalanya tertunduk malu, gw tau dia tidak dapat menahan rona merah pada mukanya. Gw juga mencoba menahan untuk tidak tersenyum.

Banyak orang lalu lalang disekitar kami tapi kami tidak peduli. Back sound tempat ini mendukung suasana kami…Kahitna – Takkan Terganti. Gw benci back sound ini… Continue reading


Ride On Shooting Star

Let me tell you a story.

Once upon a time, there’s a man sitting on top a hill, gazing through the sky. Watching the clouds by day and stars by night.
He waited for something…something that can fill the emptiness in his heart.
He just sat there everyday without care.
The same spot, under a huge tree with thick branches and covering leafs.

One night, as he gaze to the stars. A shooting star passed him by. It was so close he can almost felt the warmth emitting from it.
Without second thought, he closed his eyes and made a wish that will change his life forever.
The wish was, “let me be with you.”

After he opened his eyes, he saw the shooting star decreased its velocity and in an instant change it course.

The man stood up, watching with a surprised look on his face. The shooting star gradually getting bigger. He then realized, its coming towards him with its blinding light.

He instantly cover his eyes while still trying to looked at it. The star was getting closer and closer. Its light getting brighter and brighter. The next thing he know, it reached him. Covering his body with a gentle warm light.
He felt only excitement and joy radiating from it, he felt that finally he’s at peace.

Few days later, people from the town searched for the man who used to sit under the big tree on top of the hill.
There’s no news the man had gone back to town.

Little did they know. The man left a message on the tree, carved neatly near the root, “gaze the night cause I ride on shooting star.”