Sanny Durant

Interests : Women, Books, Gadget, Technology, Design, World Wide Web, Anime, Tokusatsu, Movies, Music, Photography, Martial Arts
Hobbies : Reading, Writing, Date with my computer, Drawing, Photo editing, Hang out, Playing drums, Singing
Bio :
I’m just a simpleton who don’t like a simple life, always seek out a new challenge in me to improve myself.
Basically, some said I’m a nice guy in the end although at first they think of me of someone just got out of jail or something (looks can be very deceitful…aren’t they?) really, there is not much to say about me except that I’m just an ordinary guy with an ordinary gifts with an extra ordinary motivation to learn (although i didn’t finish my college for some reason) *hammer*
Want to know me better or just want to say hi? Send me an Email…i’ll write back (pinky promise) ^_^

P.S: Jangan ragu untuk berkomentar…your comments means so much for me 😀


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