Gw vs Mimpi

I dreams therefore I lived.

We can’t just go being alive without having any dreams, dreams that make us believe in what we do. Dreams can take you places only you can reach, being in a dreams is the first step to reality. Don’t hope your dreams change into reality…realize your dreams.

A dream is as good as the dreamer, don’t limit your dreams and don’t stop pushing yourself to make it happened. I saw people living their dreams because they deserved it, they worked so hard for it. You may hit obstacles along the way but in the end it’s you and you’re alone that’s been holding your dreams back because you were afraid…afraid that you can’t handle your dream if it were come true.

Sleep tonight, dream a lot, and wake up with a determination to make it real. For the better you.

I have a dream~


Fantasy Ballroom

Once inside,

There you are.

My fantasy girl, the one I could only dream of.

Standing there surrounded by men who adore you, talking and laughing in a lovely manner.

Your beauty stand out so much, anyone can spot you in an instant.

You’re just too far out of my reach, a man like me who could only stand in this tiny little bar, thinking how pathetic he is, drinking alone.

The music start but I can only stare the wine inside my glass, when suddenly you’re standing next to me and ask me to dance.

It’s a fantasy no more