Pay Money to My Pain – In The Blink of an Eye

I find myself inside of you
It’s very sweet to me
I never knew this kinda feeling
I cried unconsciously

If we stay together
I will make you smile
And when you’re feeling lonely

Please remember me
Please remember me
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Pay Money to My Pain – Dilemma

Look up to the sky
There is a star that guides me
I don’t know where I’m going to
But I feel good

Listen to the voice
In the air I’m part of it
Forgive me for everything I’ve done
I’m so alone
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Pay Money to My Pain – Pictures

I feel my heart is getting lost
being myself is painful
someone says you don’t have a chance
to restart the life that you never had

Negative emotions attacked me
especially like this lonely night
silence is eating my brain
shutting me down and I’m stuck again
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Pay Money to My Pain – Same as You Are

It´s just another day
I was in the club
You were standing an your eyes were empty
That was the first time you came into my heart

Then we spent the night
I thought just this one night
But you left something that I´ve never had in my life
Maybe that´s why I’m crying
I never had this feeling in my life
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Pay Money to My Pain – Bury

Something’s changing inside of me
I need to write down before I Forget
You never told me, you’re alone

Fury and anger breaks me down
I’m so stuck and I can’t get out
But I can only, hate you
(hate you) …
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Pay Money to My Pain – Atheist

Inside my mind I find my downside
Always start to hurt somebody else
I give up, this feeling never goes away
Without hope, it means nothing to me

I just wanan be free from your hand

This is my life
Don’t decide, I’ll make my choice
Someday I’ll reach the sky
Now I know I won’t fall again
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Pay Money To My Pain -This Life

I know it’s been a while what happened to you?
In our memory we’re still hanging out
Strolling up and down 18th street
Go to the liquor store to buy some beer

I don’t remember, when was the last time
You said you couldn’t live this life no more
At the moment I said life no it’s not so bad
Then you say yeah but sometimes I want to quit

People live their life for what they believe
Even if we have some reason to let it slide
Sometimes life is not fair
I know that brings you down
Why don’t we live this life more simple just like you said
It’s not the end
Not even the beginning yeah

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